HO Kang Founder

With a background of a Doctorate Degree in Business Management, Heeok Kang has served on the executive teams of numerous successful global companies like IBM, TYCO, and ACN as a CFO and a CEO for over 30 years. She knows exactly what takes for a woman to be successful in her career. A woman of successful career, her vision and her personal social responsibility brings PurpleU to us. She started the PurpleU company with Kisuk Song in order to empower women to achieve their dreams through her own personal experiences. She believes in the importance of motherhood and fully wants to support mothers of all ages through PurpleU. She also wants to provide honest products created directly from Mother Nature with advanced science at an affordable price with effective results. She is there support you to reach your full potential in the Direct Selling Business.

Kisuk Song Founder

With a background of an advanced MBA degree, Kisuk Song has been working in the Direct Sales industry for most of his career.
He was a chief operating officer at a multi billion global direct selling company for over 20 years.
Through his career he saw many people positively change their lives through the direct selling business so that is why he created PurpleU with Heeok Kang.
To continue the work of helping individuals live to their fullest through the Direct Selling Business.
He is a marathoner with strong determination to finish his course.
Through his experience as a marathoner he met a blind individual who had the same passion as him.
And he helped that blind individual go through a desert marathon course numerus times as an act of service.
He is a true acting servant leader who can guide you be successful and achieve your dream.
PurpleU is his next step to serve and support individuals to be successful in the Direct Selling Industry.